Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice

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In this title, noted theorists and scholars explore the historical and contemporary theories that are the foundation of nursing today. The 3rd Edition of this highly praised book meets the needs of today's students with a new focus on the models that define the best outcomes and provide the evidence that supports nursing practice. For each theory, you'll find an introduction to the theorist, a description of the theory's role as a model for nursing practice, and an examination of its application in clinical practice. Readers will understand how the theory has been used in the past and evaluate it as a model for clinical practice. There is a new emphasis on the relevance of theory to practice with additional content online focused on the application of theory to research. A section is devoted to middle range theories and practice models that support evidence-based nursing practice. This title is thoroughly revised to make every chapter easier to read and to emphasize the relevance of theory to practice. It includes content on how to implement theory-based practice. There is a list of references for each theory in the book, complemented by comprehensive lists online.
It features a more contemporary two-color design and streamlined organization to make the content easier to read, understand, and apply. Expanded content available online at DavisPlus. This title features in-depth coverage of the development of the theories that guide nursing practice, middle range theories, and practice models. Chapters are written by the original theorists, scholars, and nurses experienced in use of the theory in their practice.
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