Evaluating Research for Evidence-based Nursing Practice

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Where is the evidence in a nursing research study? What is the evidence? How good is the evidence? And, how is it relevant to providing evidence-based nursing care? This title ensures that students can meet the AACN's (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) goal of identifying valid research findings and using them to determine if they are providing care that is supported by evidence.It considers the conceptual model that guided the research, concepts, and propositions, providing perspective on nursing's view of person, health, wellbeing, and environment. It examines the middle range theory that was generated or tested, and its relation to concepts that can be used in clinical practice. It reviews the empirical research methods used, with an emphasis on whether the findings can be used to guide development of theory-based, evidence-based nursing practice. It features a Course Companion and Study Guide on the bonus CD-ROM bound into every book that makes learning and teaching easier.The Powerpoint slides with an outline of critical content for each chapter, which students can print and bring to class to use as the basis for their class notes.
It includes learning exercises that direct the student to web links for research articles that they can critique 8 test questions (and answers) per chapter. It offers a template to help students to develop a report of the findings of their review of the literature; students can fill in the fields and print out a report to hand in to their instructor.
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