Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing

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Access the vital knowledge required for competent forensic nursing practice, with the clear, concise Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing. This first edition text was developed by the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN). Rich with practical instruction, the Core offers a full view of the role of the forensic nurse, who practices at the intersection of the health care and the legal systems. For practicing forensic nurses or those who are exploring this dynamic and growing specialty, there is no better guide. Prepare for forensic nursing practice, current and future ...*
First forensic nursing curriculum text to be officially endorsed by the IAFN*Cutting-edge, expert content on areas including:* Forensic nursing fundamentals and practice standards* Roles and practice settings open to forensic nurses* Legal, ethical, and social trends in forensic nursing* Interacting with the legal and judicial systems; testimony; legal terminology* Forensic nursing in the health care, mental health, correctional, and military care settings* Forensic nursing subspecialties* Human trafficking issues* Vicarious trauma and self-careNumerous full-color photos and images vital to a solid understanding of forensic nursingChapter features include:* Objectives - At the start of each chapter, listing key concepts for forensic nursing practice* Key Terms - Definitions of crucial terms, relevant to each chapter* Review Questions - Important points to review and remember* Case Study - Real-life patient histories and patient care scenarios, with study questions* History and Theory - Effects of social/legal history on current law and health care* Intersecting Systems and Services - Overlapping legal and social programs and the care of special populations, such as the incarcerated* Populations at Risk - Populations at increased risk for violence* Practice and Prevention - Programs and procedures every forensic nurse needs to know* Concepts and Issues - The social and legal context of various forensic nursing areas* Future Issues - Emerging nursing practice areas, such as care for victims of human trafficking
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