Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses

  • ISBN 9781930538757

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Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses is hailed as the most comprehensive, up-to-date book for nurse writers today. Anyone who has attempted to write something, whether it be as simple as a thank you note or as complex as a hundred page term paper knows that writing is not an innate gift. It is something that is studied and learned, much like human anatomy. It is not surprising at all that nurses often find it a challenge to write. Margaret McClure conveys this best in Words of Wisdom, "One of nursing's biggest handicaps is that we are in a field where your basic practice requires that you never write in complete sentences." In Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses Cynthia Saver, along with 15 of nursing's top writing experts, takes you through the journey of moving past this barrier on to becoming an author. Divided into two parts, this book covers everything from generating an idea to the different types of writing, including academic journals, books, blogs and research papers. Do you have a great idea, but don't know how and where to get published? Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses book has that answer and much more! Nurses have a professional obligation, not just to other nurses, but to the public at large to share their experiences in hopes of advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes. This book makes it extremely easy and bridges the gap between incomplete sentences and published manuscript.
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