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  • Author: MCGINTY
  • Publ Date: 1899-12-30
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Extensively revised and updated for its Third Edition, Operative Arthroscopy remains the most comprehensive and authoritative reference in this rapidly advancing specialty. World-renowned experts describe the latest instrumentation and techniques and detail proven minimally invasive procedures for the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, foot, ankle, and spine. This edition gives experienced and training orthopaedic surgeons the state-of-the-art information they need to stay current and increase the coverage in their practice. New topics include meniscus repair with implantable devices, arthroscopic knot tying, post-traumatic and post-surgical shoulder stiffness, the thrower's shoulder, thermal capsulorrhaphy, fractures about the shoulder, arthroscopic radial head resection, arthroscopic management of the stiff elbow, elbow arthroscopy in the throwing athlete, hip arthroscopy in the athlete, arthroscopic-assisted management of ankle fractures, osteochondral autografts of the talus, and subtalar arthroscopy. Hundreds of quality illustrations--including full-colour arthroscopic views, surgical exposures, and line drawings--guide surgeons in technique and clinical decision-making.
The text offers stepwise intraoperative instruction on commonly performed procedures, including cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscal repair, stabilization of the shoulder, treatment of rotator cuff tears, and meniscal and chondral allografts. This edition includes a free DVD of surgical procedures , with over 200 minutes of select authors' video to demonstrate key surgical points and techniques. FEATURES: The only comprehensive text devoted to the entire field of arthroscopy Intraoperative guidance describes the essentials of common procedures Free DVD of surgical procedures provides over 200 minutes of select author's video Expert perspectives from world-renowned orthopaedic surgeons Hundreds of quality illustrations, including full-color arthroscopic views and surgical exposures NEW TO THE THIRD EDITION: Updated references point the way to further research.
Extensively revised and reformatted content details the latest technical and surgical advances New topics include: Meniscus Repair with Implantable Devices, Arthroscopic Knot Tying, The Stiff Shoulder: Post-traumatic Stiffness and Post-Surgical Stiffness, The Thrower's Shoulder, Thermal Capsulorrhaphy, Fractures about the Shoulder, Arthroscopic Radial Head Resection, Arthroscopic Management of the Stiff Elbow, Elbow Arthroscopy in the Throwing Athlete, Hip Arthroscopy in the Athlete, Arthroscopic-Assisted Management of Ankle Fractures, Osteochondral Autografts of t he Talus, and Subtalar Arthroscop
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