Practical Phlebology: Starting and Managing a Phlebology Practice

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Studies routinely report a prevalence of venous disease of twenty percent or higher among western industrialized countries, and it is predicted that numbers will rise even higher in industrialized and obese populations. The management of venous disease has moved from the hospital and institutional setting to one that operates predominantly in an outpatient arena. These settings are often far more representative of a cosmetic surgery or dermatology practice, targeted to optimize the patient experience. Those who have adopted endovenous procedures in the typical hospital environment often meet obstacles that limit their ability to expand phlebology care. Practical Phlebology: Starting and Managing a Phlebology Practice provides a practical yet effective framework for transitioning an existing hospital-based practice to the outpatient arena. Some of the questions tackled by this manual include: * Where can I acquire the necessary training and education? * What equipment is required, and where might I find it? * What are my start-up costs, and will I need a loan? * What personnel are needed, and how do I identify the best candidates? * What is the best way to market my practice?
* How much will I spend and how effective will a campaign be? * How do insurers view procedures for varicose veins? * How will I be paid? These questions and many more are outlined in detail. The book provides examples that help readers take steps towards creating a successful phlebology practice. There are many ways to develop and manage a practice and the authors recognize that not all strategies work in all markets. Despite differences from country to country, this text shares sound principles that, when implemented, should enhance an existing system and help to improve patient outcomes.
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