Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality

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In this update of "Beside Ourselves", psychologist Naomi Quenk explores further what we keep hidden within but reveal when we are stressed. Outlining the stress patterns of the 16 personality types, this revised edition includes revealing information on work-related stress and what happens to us when we operate in a stress mode over a long period. We have all experienced unexpected or inconsistent behaviour in ourselves and others. Using Jungian psychological type theory and the MBTI personality inventory as a framework to unravel this confusing side of human personality, Quenk argues that the inferior function is a natural, healthy part of personality that can lead to enriched understanding and personal growth. This revised edition has a simpler explanation of type dynamics, type differentiation and type development, as well as new discussions of how each type functions at work and what each finds stressful and energizing. New stories about people in the grip of their inferior functions replace stories from the first edition.
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