The Schema Therapy Clinician's Guide: A Complete Resource for Building and Delivering Individual, Group and Integrated Schema Mode Treatment Programs

  • ISBN 9781118509173

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The Schema Therapy Clinician s Guide is a completeclinical resource for psychotherapists implementing schema therapy,group schema therapy or a combination of both in a structured,cost-effective way. The authors provide ready-made individual andgroup sessions with patient hand-outs.

* A unique resource providing ready-made individual and groupschema therapy sessions, linked across schema modes, allowingclinicians to pick and choose what they need or adopt a fullintegrated individual and group program which can be delivered overa range of treatment lengths from a six week intensive program to aone year outpatient treatment * Approaches treatment by targeting maladaptive Schema Modesrather than specific disorders, thus increasing clinicalflexibility and ensuring shelf life through changes in diagnosticclassification * Provides step-by-step instructions and tips for therapists,along with a wealth of unique clinical resources including samplescripts, handouts, session exercises, assignment forms and patientmaterials * Meets the current need for effective clinical treatments thatcan provide tangible effects on time and on budget

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