The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts as Healing

Author: Rogers, Natalie

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  • ISBN: 9780831400804
  • Author: Rogers, Natalie
  • Publ Date: 1993-10-31
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 262
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 568484


Dr. Natalie Rogers has developed a process called the Creative Connection RM that interweaves all the expressive arts -- movement, sound, drawing, painting, writing, and guided imagery -- to tap into the deep wellspring of creativity within each of us. The aim is to reclaim ourselves and then help others reclaim themselves as actively playful, spirited, and conscious individuals. Rogers emphasizes the importance of psychological safety and freedom while using the creative arts. This reflects her extensive work with her father, Carl Rogers, and a deep belief in his person-centered approach to counseling.Photos and art help demystify this process, and various exercises range from the simple to the complex. Natalie's practical suggestions aid counselors who want to add expressive arts to their regular sessions.


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