Humanising Psychiatry and Mental Health: The Challenge of the Person-centred Approach

  • ISBN 9781857756197

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This book explores in depth the link between modern psychiatric practice and the person-centred approach. It promotes an open dialogue between traditional rivals - counsellors and psychiatrists within the NHS - to assist greater understanding and improve practice. Easy to read and comprehend it explains complex issues in a clear and accessible manner. The author is a full-time psychiatrist and qualified counsellor who offers a unique perspective drawing on personal experience. Humanising Psychiatry and Mental Health Care will be of significant interest and help to all mental health professionals including psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses social care workers occupational therapists psychologists person-centred counsellors and therapists. Health and social care policy makers and shapers including patient groups will also find it helpful and informative. 'Courageous a striking commentary. Embodies a hope and a vision which can vanquish despair. This book is the story of what it has meant for the psychiatrist/person-centred counsellor to remain hopeful and resilient in the face of the ever-deepening crisis in the powerfully drug-orientated and medicalised world of NHS psychiatry.
We glimpse a future where psychiatrists and person-centred therapists will collaborate in the healing of persons. Books like this keep the vision alive and serve as beacons in the current darkness.' Brian Thorne in his Foreword 'Rachel is an excoriatingly honest writer. Brave and unsettling. This is not a book for the faint-hearted. There is no easy framework here to aid your understanding of the medical world and your role in it. The book offers no theoretical asylum from the sneers of those who criticise the person-centred approach for its lack of objectivity. It is a tough philosophy confident in its assertion of subjective principles and everything that flows from them. It provides no guarantee of success and no insurance against failure. But it is more inspiring than anything I have read for a very long time.' Mike Shooter in his Foreword
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