Alzheimer's Disease: A Handbook for Caregivers, Family, and Friends

  • ISBN 9781932603132

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Of the estimated 5 million Americans who have Alzheimer's disease, more than 7 in 10 live at home, primarily cared for by family and friends. "Alzheimer's Disease: The Dignity Within: A Handbook for Caregivers, Family Members and Friends" was written in a workbook-type format aimed at increasing the caregiver's knowledge of the disease. As a result, these caregivers - whether family members, friends or health professionals - will be better equipped to nurture the dignity within people living with Alzheimer's and feel more confident doing so. The book is a tool for caregivers that will impact not only the way they relate to persons with Alzheimer's disease, but other relationships as well. The book contains information on how to take care of a person with Alzheimer's disease by mapping out each stage of the disease and showing what can be done from a caregiving standpoint at these various stages. In addition, the book discusses how important it is for caregivers to take care of themselves. The book also educates readers with easy-to-understand charts and sketches on what physically happens to the brain during the progression of Alzheimer's.
Its four sections focus on the nature of Alzheimer's disease and on being a caregiver, covering topics such as tips for caregivers; challenges and solutions; changes in the brain that are responsible for the problems associated with the disease; and much, much more. However, the most important tenet of book is that we can better care for people with Alzheimer's by recognizing and nurturing the "essence within" a person living through the different stages of the disease. Both caregivers and people affected by Alzheimer's can live with a sense of dignity, importance, and self-esteem.
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