Caring for the Dying at Home: Companions on the Journey

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OFFICIAL TEXTBOOK OF THE GOLD STANDARDS FRAMEWORK There is one thing we know we all have in common; that one day we will die. For most of us given a choice we would prefer to remain at home. This comprehensive resource book supports and enables all primary care professionals to make improvements in the care provided for their patients. It is a tool to facilitate better co-ordination communication and delivery of primary palliative care and a key text for the Macmillan Gold Standards Framework programme. It aims to strengthen the role confidence systems and skills of primary health care teams for the delivery of palliative care and patient support. This book is essential reading for general practitioners; practice district and Macmillan nurses; social workers and all others involved in terminal care in the community. 'To achieve excellence in this area requires us to focus on a systematic approach to care. The Gold Standards Framework described here is an excellent template for systematic and yet holistic care a gold standard indeed for all aspects of our care.
This book of course offers far more in exploring wider aspects of palliative care including the spiritual and it leaves me far better informed and enlightened. I am certain you will feel the same.' David Colin-Thome in the Foreword 'This book not only describes matters needed but has many examples and stories to inspire along the way.' Jane Maher in the Foreword Additional material can be accessed via the website click here
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