Managing Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Living Better

  • ISBN 9780199336920

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What men with prostate cancer really want-the guarantee of a long, healthy life with their prostate cancer definitively behind them-is not available. There is no crystal ball that can forecast the certain, good outcome that every man hopes for, not even for those who will ultimately get the result they want. In Managing Prostate Cancer, Dr. Andrew Roth teaches strategies for how to live better with the questions and decisions that arise from prostate cancer. A psychiatrist who has specialized in helping people to cope with these challenges for over twenty years, Dr. Roth provides clear and understandable advice for patients, their loved ones, and healthcare givers. With his guidance, men and their families will learn how to manage the psychological stressors of a new cancer diagnosis. Dr. Roth shows men how to navigate what feel like impossible treatment choices, and to handle the emotional ups and downs of active surveillance and anxiety about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests.
Patients will also learn mechanisms for accepting and adapting to the consequences of their cancer treatment, which may include the physical complications of urinary, erectile, or bowel dysfunction, fatigue, and hot flashes, as well as the demoralizing recurrence of disease after treatment. Dr. Roth clearly addresses issues that are not easily discussed yet can bring significant suffering. Men receive valuable tips on how to manage the impact of the cancer and its treatment on their social, sexual, and intimate relationships and behaviors. Finally, Dr. Roth provides gentle, wise guidance for men with advanced prostate cancer about becoming realistic yet invaluable role models for children, grandchildren, and friends. Dr. Roth shows men and their families how to face the end of life with improved self-esteem and sense of worth. The book will also assist oncology teams to address complex issues of coping and to communicate more constructively with their patients.
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