Joy is A Plum-Colored Acrobat

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A few years ago, Wendy Burton was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after her diagnosis, she happened upon some extremely positive and life-saving guidance from a tape of visualizations that led her down a whole new creative path. Her imaginings of tiny Cirque du Soleil acrobats leaping lightly through her breast ducts, with brightly colored beach umbrellas protecting her good cells as little chimney sweeps scurried through and swept away all of the cancerous cells, were so helpful for her throughout the process that she had to write them down and began sharing them with friends who were struggling with their own diagnoses. After months of searching, Wendy found an extraordinary artist in Italy whose work is vivid, lively, and just surreal enough to perfectly complement Wendy's visualizations.
The result is "Joy Is a Plum Colored Acrobat," the first breast cancer companion that is so uplifting and so lovely, it is a dream come true for all women diagnosed with breast cancer, and for those who love them and want to give them a beautiful package of hope. In forty-five beautifully crafted visualizations, Wendy Burton transforms the feelings of fear and powerlessness that accompany a diagnosis of breast cancer into a delightful and nourishing journey of the imagination. Positive and practical, with vibrant four-color illustrations throughout, "Joy Is a Plum Colored Acrobat" is an inspiring, helpful, and nonintrusive gift for women about to undergo treatment, and an indispensable guide for the journey.
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