Intentional Relationship, The: Occupational Therapy and the Use of Self

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This groundbreaking new book addresses a critical aspect of the occupational therapy practice - the art and science of building effective, fulfilling relationships with clients. A distinguished clinician and educator, Renee Taylor, PhD, uses a new conceptual practice model, the Intentional Relationship Model, to define how the client and the therapist each contribute to the unique interpersonal dynamic that becomes the therapeutic relationship. She emphasizes how therapists must act deliberately, thoughtfully, and with vigilant anticipation of the challenges and breakthroughs that have the potential to influence the course of the relationship.Actual case examples from twelve exceptional clinicians from around the world illustrate how this model is used to address many of the challenging interpersonal situations that commonly occur in therapy. And, guided exercises and assignments help readers to master the skills they need and to apply them to wide range of clinical situations and presenting problems.This title introduces a new conceptual practice model that defines the communication skills, values, reasoning processes, and interpersonal behaviors required to form a unique and effective relationship between client and therapist.
It identifies 6 easy-to-apply modes of communication to guide the therapeutic dialogue: Advocating, Collaborating, Empathizing, Encouraging, Instructing, and Problem-solving.It highlights intentional relationship models through case studies that reveal the interpersonal skills of 12 therapists from around the world.It uses self-reflection exercises and assessments to allow readers to test their knowledge and reflect upon chapter content as it relates directly to clinical practice experience.
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