Weight Matters for Children: A Complete Guide to Weight, Eating and Fitness

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Forewords by Joe Harvey and Annabel Karmel Respectively Director Health Education Trust Chair Caroline Walker Trust Council Member 'Sustain'; Mother and Author Weight Matters For Children is a unique compilation of current United Kingdom nutritional advice which is fully evidence-based for professional reference whilst taking a family-centred approach to eating and exercise. It offers practical solutions that families can use to modify their lifestyles and addresses the many reasons behind the current obesity epidemic. It also examines general nutrition issues along with common illnesses and conditions. Behavioural approaches in relation to food and other childhood issues such as low mood tantrums and general motivation are also considered. This book is vital reading for all parents and teachers. It will also be of great benefit to paediatricians health visitors general practitioners primary care nurses dieticians nutritionalists and catering professionals involved in the preparation of food for children. 'We know that children who eat a healthy diet have improved levels of concentration and so perform better at school.
We also know that children who are overweight have lower levels of self-esteem and are often unhappy. Rachel Pryke gives lots of good advice on how to improve your child's diet and set them up for a happy and healthy future.' Annabel Karmel in her Foreword 'Very practical thoughtful and parent/carer friendly. A wealth of common sense sits alongside sound child psychology which underpins the advice throughout the text. The knowledge that Rachel brings to the book as a mother and an experienced family doctor adds real value which informs and reassures. I remember clearly some of the battles most won but some lost for the hearts and minds of my own children in encouraging them to eat well and get real pleasure from food - this book would have been invaluable to me then and certainly will be to its readers now.' Joe Harvey in his foreword
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