Modern Management of Acoustic Neuroma

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Acoustic neuroma outcomes have been greatly improved by advances in microsurgical techniques, and recently by the long-term application of radiosurgery, which has proven to be an appropriate, verifiable, and extremely clinically relevant treatment strategy. This volume brings together the latest opinions of outstanding physicians and surgeons who treat patients with acoustic neuromas, commonly known as vestibular neuromas. Since the days of Cushing, when partial tumor removal seemed the best method for saving a patient's life, the management of this relatively rare tumor has sparked enormous clinical interest.The book outlines the various stages in the evolution of vestibular schwannoma surgery and presents the full spectrum of current therapeutic possibilities. The novel concept of combining microsurgical with radiosurgical skills should eliminate problems such as facial palsy and hearing loss which were previously associated with the therapeutic management of these tumors.
The excellent research findings published here by leading experts in the field will help neurosurgeons, otologists and radiation oncologists to understand the enormous strides made during the last two decades in vestibular schwannoma surgery and radiosurgery.
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