Congenital Malformations: Evidence-based Evaluation and Management

  • ISBN 9780071471893

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A concise, clinically-focused guide to the evaluation and management of infants with congenital malformations 4 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "The presentation of malformations and syndromes in this easy to use format is truly unique. Pediatricians and others who are involved in the care of infants with malformations are often faced with the task of finding a quick reference before meeting with concerned parents. This book will often be used by clinicians evaluating a child with a common malformation...The tables that contain the most common associated syndromes with each malformation are very helpful. So, with this book on the shelf, any clinician could easily and quickly inform themselves about common malformations encountered in nurseries and NICUs all over the world.--Doody's Review Service Congenital Malformations is a comprehensive, practical text that highlights key perspectives on the medical management of infants with malformations. With its convenient system-based organization and evidence-based approach, this clinically-focused guide is designed to optimize the utilization of limited diagnostic resources.
Easy-to-follow algorithms and tables enable you to rapidly identify and manage the many different malformations that commonly present in clinical practice, such as cleft lip, cardiac septal defects, and skeletal dysplasias. Features: Succinct, high-yield coverage allows for efficient review of the most common malformations Evidence-based orientation provides up-to-date, clinically relevant diagnostic and treatment recommendations that are based on a meticulous review of the scientific literature Consistent templated format delivers easily accessible information on: Epidemiology/Etiology, Clinical Presentation, Associated Malformations and Syndromes, Evaluation, Management and Prognosis, and Genetic counseling Organized by malformation rather than syndrome - for a clear, easy-to-follow diagnostic guide
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