Using and Understanding Medical Statistics

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Noteworthy advances have occurred in both the practice of medicine and biostatistical methods since the previous edition of this book was published. For example, physicians' acceptance of the importance of 'evidence-based medicine' is much more widespread now than it was in the mid-1990s. Even a casual reading of the current medical literature reveals that a basic grasp of statistical concepts and a passing appreciation for what statistical analysis can and cannot do is essential in order to understand and critically assess published reports concerning the frontiers of medical research. The fourth revised edition of this highly successful volume represents the most substantial revision of "Using and Understanding Medical Statistics" since the first edition was published more than 20 years ago. The authors have added five entirely new chapters on Poisson regression, the analysis of variance, meta-analysis, diagnostic tests and the subject of measurement agreement and reliability.
In addition, there are sections describing new topics or exploring new examples in the chapters on the Kaplan-Meier estimate, the log-rank test, longitudinal studies, data analysis, clinical trials and epidemiological applications. The end result is an excellent introduction to medical statistics, as well as a valuable reference concerning many of the more complex statistical methods and techniques currently appearing in medical publications.
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