Sexual Health of Men, The

Author: Laura Serrant-Green

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  • ISBN: 9781846190346
  • Author: Laura Serrant-Green
  • Publ Date: 2008-03-20
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 146
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 16389


'The past few decades has seen increasing interest in sexual health as a area of concern for health care professions and service providers in Britain. This has occurred against a backdrop of wider changes in health care policy where the focus is primarily on prevention of ill health and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Since the emergence of HIV and AIDS in the last century issues such as sexual health and the need to provide for what were previously viewed as private issues between individuals have entered the public sphere. Sexual health is in general no longer simply a matter of a physical act with consequences for an individual but is recognised by the government health and social care providers as an area of health need requiring planning assessing and services to support it.' This challenging critique explores the current constraints and opportunities for addressing and promoting the sexual health of men. It redresses the balance between society's traditional views and expectations of men's sexual health compared to the sexual health of women. The wide-ranging approach critically considers all aspects of sexual health including historic developments social considerations personal issues and political climates. Authoritative and evidence-based The Sexual Health of Men brings together experts from the fields of sexual health research education and practice. It is highly recommended for health and social care professionals including nurses doctors social workers health advisers and sexual health service providers. Health researchers and policy makers and shapers will find the research of great interest as will all those concerned about the sexual health and well-being in men. 'This book with its detailed appraisal of what sexual health means to men will be of great worth to those now trying to devise sexual health policy and local strategies that will ensure men are fully taken into consideration. It will also be of importance to those commissioned to purchase sexual healthcare services and to both practitioners and teachers who are tasked with both educating boys and men about their sexual health and with their treatment. In addition this book will be of immense value to academics who are working in the field of men's health gender studies sociology psychology and others in health or social care. This authoritative book has set a new benchmark that others will be judged against.' Alan White in the foreword


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