Removing the Barriers to Global Health Equity

Author: Theodore H. MacDonald

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  • ISBN: 9781846193088
  • Author: Theodore H. MacDonald
  • Publ Date: 2008-11-25
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 320
  • Status: ACT
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Medical research and global awareness of health inequalities continue to grow apace. Why then is global health inequality widening with benefits disproportionally affecting the richest third? How can obstacles to more equitable healthcare be overcome? This passionately-argued book presents answers that will be essential reading for everyone interested in global health public health public policy and economics. Policy makers in global communities and government political activists and all those with an interest in equality in healthcare will find stimulating well-supported analyses of the interaction between neoliberal policies geopolitical issues and health. Meanwhile professionals in international healthcare organisations care agencies and international charities will find challenging and refreshing socio-political solutions to those offered by the current neoliberal paradigm. 'Theodore MacDonald] presents us with convincing and robust arguments enabling readers be they public health workers and medics politicians and policy makers bankers and corporate donors NGOs and journalists with ample substance and fodder for debate.' Dr Ann Wylie in her Foreword 'Theodore MacDonald is not content with simply painting the blackness of dehumanisation caused by neoliberalism. He also draws our attention to the resistance of ordinary people against the privatization of water and other resources. He has a slew of recommendations of which two are critical. One is to turn the United Nations into a real forum for bringing about a democratic order of global governance. The other is to re-empower states and communities to deliver universal health care and education on the foundations of proper nutrition and freedom of action so readily promised by the proponents of democracy. I hope that all readers of this impassioned and scalpel-like book will feel energized to fight for the cause of rights of all human beings in all areas of human endeavour.' Amiya Kumar Bagchi in his Foreword


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