Pharmageddon: The Limits of Pharmacutical Medicine - and What Lies Beyond

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Pharmageddon is the first textbook in the emerging science of pharmaco-nutrition. It takes the small step from nutritional biochemistry to the pharmacological and therapeutic application of nutritional programmes, and does so in an accessible and intensively referenced format. The book is timely because the pharmaceutical model of healthcare has signally failed to stem the rising tide of degenerative diseases that currently dominate public health. Pharmageddon reveals the philosophical and historical roots of our current dilemma, and shows how the ahistoricity of modern medicine has delayed a more fundamental approach to preventing and managing the 'diseases of civilisation'. In the mid-Victorian period, for example, degenerative disease was rare, despite the fact that life expectancy at that time matched or exceeded our own. This simple fact disproves the medical myth of degenerative disease as merely entropic. It also demonstrates that with the exception of antibiotics, pharmaceutical science has done little more than provide ways of suppressing the symptoms of diseases that have emerged largely due to our failure to maintain mid-Victorian nutritional standards.
Nutritional science is very conflicted. Nutrition is important in determining health and disease in humans as in all animals, as made clear by studies of inter alia the Mediterranean diet; yet clinical trials of nutrients such as antioxidants routinely produce null or negative results. Pharmageddon explains these discrepancies, details the lifestyle factors which gave the mid-Victorians their near-immunity to degenerative disease, and develops pharmaco-nutritional programmes which can be used to prevent and manage the major degenerative diseases.
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