International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems: 10th revision

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The World Health Organization's 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) has become the standard international diagnostic classification, used for both epidemiological and health management purposes. The 10th revision (first published by the WHO in the 1990s), was the result of collaborative efforts by a global network of ICD Collaborating Centres. This CD-ROM offers the 12,420 codes of the ICD-10. the full text of the printed volumes is included, hyperlinks simplify navigation within the classification, and all terms and codes are indexed for easy searching. The ICD-10 codes are ready for uploading into database systems. To help users familiar with the printed version of the ICD-10, the CD-ROM has a similar layout. The full text of each volume is presented in its familiar multilevel structure. A list of volume's contents appears in a side-window that can be re-sized according to the user's needs. All the terms and codes are indexed to make searching easy. For extra efficiency, advanced searches can be made using Boolean operators, both globally and on selected fields.
The search space for a query is the physical paragraph: thus the various elements of the query may be listed in any order and still yield the same results. Using roll-down menus, the context-sensitive online help facility gives full explanations of all procedures. Internal hypertext links help the user to navigate through the classification.
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