Epidemiologic Methods: Studying the Occurrence of Illness

Author: Thomas D. Koepsell

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  • ISBN: 9780195150780
  • Author: Thomas D. Koepsell
  • Publ Date: 2004-01-15
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 526
  • Imprint: OUP *#
  • Status: O/P
  • ID - 1706


This is a rigorous, systematic introduction to the basic concepts and practical tools of epidemiologic research. Besides offering clear descriptions of key concepts, the book is rich with examples illustrating how these concepts are applied. Some examples are drawn from classic studies in the field, while many others concern modern-day epidemiologic studies of problems of current public health importance. Almost every chapter includes a set of exercises (with answers) to help students gain practice in applying new ideas and techniques. The book's chapters are organized around three main themes: general concepts and methods of epidemiology; major study designs; and evaluating policies and programs. Both authors are experienced epidemiologic researchers and have won multiple awards for effective teaching.


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