Developing the Wise Doctor: a Resource for Trainers and Trainees in MMC

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Developing the Wise Doctor shows very clearly why the practice of medicine, like the practice of teaching, must be seen as an art as well as a science. 'Wise' doctors know that while the 'facts' of a case may be a necessary and useful starting point, they are seldom the be-all and end-all of medical encounters. The facts may in some limited sense 'speak for themselves', but what they 'say' is often less important than what they don't say. 'Wise' doctors know that much of importance remains unspoken, perhaps even unconscious: that many patients are silently seeking from their encounter with doctors something nebulous - care and healing - as well as something measurable - treatments and cures. This book provides not only the language for 'wise' doctoring but also the practical exercises to master it. As when learning any new language, the authors stress the importance of practice through all four communication modes - speaking, listening, reading and writing. The second part of the book shows in detail how new doctors can best acquire the language of professional wisdom in the hospital context.
The book as a while makes a strong case for the total re-visioning of the postgraduate medical curriculum. In every chapter there is much for teacher educators, as well as for teachers engaged in their own continuing professional development, to reflect upon. Developing the Wise Doctor offers a fresh and original approach to professional education and will be of enormous benefit for teaching and supervision. Essential reading for anyone engaged in postgraduate medicine as learner, teacher or manager.
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