Challenging Cases in Musculoskeletal Imaging

  • ISBN 9783131764010
This book demonstrates how even difficult cases can be diagnosed by taking a systematic approach to image interpretation.

Drawing upon decades of experience, Dr. Freyschmidt guides readers from case to case while solving the core problems that arise in making a diagnosis. He

shows how initially challenging cases can be turned into cases that only seemed difficult at the outset.

Step-by-step approach:

Systematic case presentations: prior history

and clinical questions, radiologic findings, pathoanatomic classification,

synopsis and discussion, final diagnosis, and comments
Arranged by

anatomic region: skull, spine, pelvis, shoulder girdle and thoracic cage, upper

and lower limbs
More than 1,400 high-quality images from the author's

case files
Over 150 difficult and challenging cases from skeletal

Answers questions such as: What are the requirements of a

good diagnosis? How is a good diagnosis defined? Which imaging procedure will

yield the desired information most quickly and accurately?
Describes imaging modalities and gives

recommendations on selecting a particular modality

Your instructor in book form: a systematic, case-by-case approach to

making a diagnosis!
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