A Physician In Spite of Himself

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DW Carmalt Jones (1874-1957) had a Victorian upper middle class childhood in England. He studied medicine at Oxford, with clinical studies at St Mary's Hospital, before becoming a physician at Westminster Hospital with a West End practice, and Dean of Westminster Hospital Medical School. Following his service as an army doctor during the First World War he was appointed, on the advice of Sir William Osler, as Professor of Systematic Medicine at Otago in 1919. He retired in 1939, remained in New Zealand until 1947, then returned to London until his death in 1957. Besides having a distinguished medical career, Jones was interested in literature and sport. Topics of special interest covered in his book include: A* An account of a Victorian childhood and schooling, and of Oxford College life in the 1890s. A* London medicine and society 1900 - 1914. Carmalt Jones worked closely with Almroth Wright and had contact with many well-known figures including Alexander Fleming, Rudyard Kipling and George Bernard Shaw. A* Medical service in the First World War. As a territorial officer in the RAMC, Jones was mobilized in 1914 and remained a soldier until 1919.
He writes a vivid account of his experiences in Flanders, Egypt and Palestine. His published account of managing shell shock is cited in the medical literature today. A* At Otago Jones raised the standard of teaching, and many more took the postgraduate medical qualification. He assisted the placement of Rhodes Scholars - Aitken, Porritt, Henley, Lovelock - at Oxford. He enjoyed undergraduate society and was President of Athletics, Harriers, Rowing, Tennis and the Blues Committee. A* Jones published five books and over 70 papers, scientific and literary, and founded the Proceedings of the Otago University Medical School. He wrote much verse for pleasure, and his poem The Soldier's Monument has twice been anthologised. A Physician in Spite of Himself is a fascinating account of this early twentieth-century physician's life both in England and New Zealand.
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