Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach

  • ISBN 9781861564030

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Tinnitus is a 'phantom auditory perception' defined as the experience of sound in the absence of any appropriate external stimulus. The sounds perceived may appear very intense, and commonly are experienced as hissing, buzzing, whistling and sizzling, though many other experiences are reported. Epidemiological studies suggest that about 1-3 per cent of the adult population have severe chronic tinnitus, in the sense that it causes disruption of everyday activities, mood, and often disturbed sleep patterns. However, tinnitus is far more common in the general population with more than 10 per cent experiencing persistent spontaneous tinnitus. Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides a broad and detailed account of the recent developments in tinnitus research and clinical management. It represents a collaborative effort to summarize what is new, but also to provide an evidence-based summary of the available literature.
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