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  • ISBN: 9780478117240
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  • Publ Date: 2008-12-01
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  • Pages: 104
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The Health Information Privacy Code applies to health information relating to identifiable individuals. This means that while it covers, for example, information about an individual's medical and treatment history, disabilities or accidents, contact with any health or disability service providers and information about donations of blood or organs, it does not apply to anonymous or aggregated statistical information where individuals cannot be identified. The code applies to all agencies providing personal or public health or disability services from the largest hospitals through to sole health practitioners. It covers, for example, primary health organisations, district health boards, rest homes, supported accommodation, docotrs, nurses, dentists, parmacists and optometrists. It also applies to agencies that do not supply health services to individuals but that are part of the health sector, such as ACC, the Ministry of Health, the Health Research Council, health insurers and professional disciplinary bodies. Compliance with privacy obligations is an integral part of good information handling procedures, and is closely linked to good clinical practice.


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