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This book presents a new approach to medical education. "An@tomedia" is a unique way to learn about the anatomy of the human body. It is a comprehensive, self-paced learning program that explores anatomy from four different perspectives: Regions - includes surface and functional anatomy; Systems - includes conceptual and clinical anatomy; Dissection - includes practical procedures and post-mortem; and Imaging - includes sectional and endoscopic anatomy. These perspectives teach you how the body is constructed (from regions and systems) and how you can deconstruct the body (with dissection and imaging techniques).Unlike any other anatomy multimedia program, "An@tomedia" combines an interactive photographic and illustrated atlas with detailed, serial dissections of real human bodies and colored overlays. Most other available products are animated and lack detailed content, because they are designed for a specific learning task (eg. preparation for an exam). Most are also limited in their interactivity and educational value because they do not address multiple perspectives of learning anatomy."An@tomedia" is arranged in nine modules.
The content for each module is distributed on a single CD-ROM, and can be used on both Macintosh and PC computers. These interactive CD modules provide additional depth and detail to complement the book, "General Anatomy: Principles and Applications". Five modules are currently available: general, anatomy, back abdomen, thorax, and pelvis. Four more modules, upper limb, lower limb, neck, and head are in development and will be released at regular intervals.This book features: detailed serial dissections of real human bodies; colored overlays of individual structures; multiple perspectives to explore anatomy and compare flexibility to choose your approach, rate, sequence and depth of learning interactive text, labels and clinical questions; new concepts in anatomy and relevant clinical applications; and, capacity to 'build' systems, 'map' regions, 'dissect' layers and 'trace' images. This title is a self learning resource with a solid educational basis. It has a simple and consistent navigation system.
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