Anaesthesia and the Practice of Medicine: Historical Perspectives

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Written by two anaesthetists, one British and one American, this unique book focuses on the transatlantic story of anaesthesia. The authors have both worked at the two hospitals where the first general anaesthetics for surgery were given in 1846, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and University College Hospital, London. Each with more than fifty years' experience of working in anaesthesia, they combine their knowledge and expertise to offer a fresh outlook on the development of anaesthesia through the ages. This highly informative and intriguing text details the origins of anaesthesia, outlines the different techniques of anaesthesia and traces its progress with illuminating and enlightening commentaries. This is a fascinating book which considers the role key figures have played in developing anaesthesia including, Queen Victoria, William Morris, La Condamine, Bjorn Ibsen and Henry Beecher. Broken down into four sections, which are divided into easy-to-read chapters and filled with top quality photographs, this book makes compelling reading.
It is recommended to all those interested in the history and development of medicine through the ages, and is of particular interest to anaesthetists. More than just the science of anaesthesia, this is the story about the people and personalities who have made anaesthesia what it is today.
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