Survive & Thrive: How Cancer Saves Lives

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A unique book that provides both inspiration and proven strategies to help cancer patients, their carers and family members to navigate the emotionally devestating and physically challenging trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Author Jo Spicer has survived her own battle with cancer and realised the need for newly diagnosed patients and their support team to get a true understanding of what they were facing. By reading these stories about other people who have been on a similar journey and learning what they did to not only survive but thrive, patients and loved ones can find hope as well as practical information on how they too can survive and thrive. Survive and Thrive! How Cancer Saves Lives brings you motivational stories from survivors of different types of cancer including breast, lung, prostate, cervical and blood cancers. Aged from 3 to 76, their journeys offer hope and guidance to anyone facing life's difficult challenges. You will discover:

- Practical tips for turning physical and emotional issues into positive opportunities

- How to make informed decisions on your own treatment and care

- First hand insights and strategies you can put into action

- How to apply this information to any battle with adversity, and much, much more!

"Jo Spicer's collection of inspirational stories of people who have had cancer should be compulsory reading for all health professionals who have any involvement in the care of people with cancer. Carefully balancing the harsh realities and the humour of cancer sufferers, Jo Spicer provides a window into the world of people who are facing a major threat to their lives. This book will contribute to better outcomes and a more holistic approach to cancer treatment. In addition to the many amazing stories, the book contains wonderful practical advice for cancer patients, families, and support persons. I salute the heroes of Survive and Thrive and thank Jo Spicer for her skill and dedication in bringing these stories to us." - Dr Mark Bassett, Executive Director of Medical Services & Clinical Governance, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, NSW Health
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