The Final Choice

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A Kiwi journalist on the hunt for the truth about assisted dying and the End of Life Choice Act. Join her on a journey of discovery as she tells the stories of those with terminal illness and interviews lawyers, doctors, ethicists and clerics around New Zealand and the world.

"The decision about whether or not to legalise euthanasia is the single most important values decision of the 21st century." - Professor Margaret Somerville

"It runs against every benefit of the law that protects human life that we have had in our country since the legal system was established." - Grant Illingworth QC

"We are offering sanctuary and serenity, and a safe harbour where people can peacefully make their own choice. Opponents will do and say just about anything to undermine it." - David Seymour MP

"I am the doctor potentially injecting this lethal drug. I have to be for, or against. I can't abstain from this." - Dr Sinead Donnelly

Written in a remarkably personable way while plunging into some of life's most challenging topics, Caralise separates fact from fallacy, and resurfaces with intriguing results. Includes interviews from David Seymour MP, Shirley Seales (mother of the late Lecretia Seales), and Mary Panko of the End-of-Life Choice Society, as well as influencer and disabilities advocate Claire Freeman, palliative care expert Professor Roderick MacLeod MNZM and Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoreiro MNZM among many others.
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