Breast Cancer and Gynecologic Cancer Rehabilitation

  • ISBN 9780323721660

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Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancer Rehabilitation provides clinicians with a concise and accessible resource covering the holistic rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. This book begins with the epidemiology, genetics and pathophysiology of breast cancer and moves into clinical assessment and treatment options before providing comprehensive coverage of rehabilitation. Containing practical information, best practices and the latest advances and research, this book provides a valuable reference for physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and residents, as well as occupational therapists and physical therapists.

Provides a clear understanding of the current medical, surgical, and radiation treatments for breast cancer.
Covers the whole spectrum of breast cancer rehabilitation, including the role of physical and occupational therapy, treatment of anxiety and depression, pain syndromes, integrative care, nutritional rehabilitation, palliative care, and more.
Offers a timely and convenient resource written by leading experts in breast cancer and rehabilitation.
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