Lung, The: Developmental Morphogenesis, Mechanobiology, And Stem Cells

  • ISBN 9789813277069

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With detailed scientific background and up-to-date research, this book examines recent developmental and cell biology, mechanobiology and stem cell biology discoveries to help provide a better understanding of lung development, repair and regeneration.Lung regeneration is an urgent therapeutic priority. The current major challenge is the generation of complex vascularized structures that can ultimately support or replace impaired lung function. Recent discoveries in biomedical engineering are analysed within the structural context of the lung to help provide a better understanding of the innovative solutions that could be used for restoring normal morphogenesis and regeneration of the lung. This also includes insights from basic developmental mechanisms of human lung development through the derivation and identification of stem cells, both from the early embryo as well as from differentiated organs and tissues.Suitable for a wide range of readers, including physicians and surgeons, scientists and researchers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students, this guide is an essential read for those working in the field of lung disease and development.
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