Skewed Studies: Exploring the Limits and Flaws of Health and Psychology Research

  • ISBN 9781440863981
This book is an indispensable resource for students, researchers, and general readers who want to think more critically about the health news they see and hear. It outlines the research process and explores the many issues that can arise.

"People Who Drink Coffee Live Longer." "Students Learn Better When Listening to Classical Music." "Scientists Discover the Gene that Causes Obesity." We are constantly bombarded with reports of "groundbreaking" health findings that use attention-grabbing headlines and seem to be backed by credible science. Yet many of these studies and the news articles that discuss them fall prey to a variety of problems that can produce misleading and inaccurate results. Some of these may be easy to notice-like a research study on the benefits of red meat funded by the beef industry, or a study with a sample size of only 10 people-but others are much harder to spot.

Skewed Studies: Exploring the Limits and Flaws of Health and Psychology Research examines the most pervasive problems plaguing health research and reporting today, using clear, accessible language and employing real-world examples to illustrate key concepts. Beyond simply outlining issues, it provides readers with the knowledge and skills to evaluate research studies and news reports for themselves, improving their health literacy and critical thinking skills.

Brings together and thoroughly explores the many ways in which health research and reporting can be flawed and problematic

Improves readers' critical thinking skills and gives them practical tools to better evaluate the health information they come across

Explains scientific and statistical concepts in clear, easy-to-understand language

Includes a curated and annotated directory of resources for readers seeking additional information
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