Understanding the Pelvis: A Functional Approach to Yoga

  • ISBN 9781492589624

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All yoga instructors use cues as they teach their classes. But sometimes these cues can be vague, misleading or even anatomically incorrect. That makes Understanding the Pelvis: A Functional Approach to Yoga a vital resource for yoga instructors.

The text focuses on dispelling the misconceptions surrounding the biomechanics of the pelvis. It uses an evidence-based scientific perspective to teach how the pelvis bones move. Following this, you will learn how to apply that knowledge through the practice of 26 asanas designed to improve pelvic function and yoga technique.

The asanas are all accompanied by 66 colour illustrations that show proper technique and bring the exercises to life. Using his famed Franklin Method, Eric Franklin combines movement, imagery and touch to help instructors correct their techniques to maximise pelvic function.

Understanding the Pelvis will help you safely and effectively use the pelvis in yoga. The ability to correctly use anatomical cues and guide yogis through their movements will provide you with a new level of confidence and expertise in your workshops and classes. It gives you the knowledge needed to avoid injury and fully enjoy the benefits of yoga.
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