Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care

  • ISBN 9781582122656
Written and peer-reviewed by experts in practice and academia, the 19th edition
of the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care is an
authoritative resource for students and for health care providers who counsel and
care for patients undertaking self-treatment-nonprescription drugs, nutritional
supplements, medical foods, nondrug and preventive measures, and complementary
therapies. Its goal is to develop the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to
assess a patient's health status and current practice of self-treatment, to determine
whether self-care is necessary or appropriate, and, if appropriate, to recommend safe
and effective self-care measures.
* Updated information and references throughout
* One new chapter ("Prebiotics and Probiotics"), a rewritten chapter ("Pharmacist's
Patient Care Process in Self-care") to make the content more practical in the
self-care/nonprescription product environment, and many new and updated drug
product and drug interaction tables throughout
* Quick-reference tools such as treatment algorithms (including exclusions for
self-treatment), drug product tables, patient education sidebars, and product
administration illustrations
* Two new comprehensive patient cases for each disorder-related chapter
* Concise Key Points section at the end of each disorder-related chapter, summarizing
critical information
* Color plate section with more than 30 illustrations
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