Healing the Distress of Psychosis: Listening with Psychotic Ears

  • ISBN 9780190858759

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Even among mental health clinicians, the communications of individuals experiencing psychosis have historically been considered mysterious, bizarre, and invalid. These judgmental, inaccurate interpretations and accusatory attitudes can cause iatrogenic trauma, a significant obstacle to recovery. Healing the Distress of Psychosis focuses on practice-based and evidence-informed interventions to effectively understand and communicate with people who are
experiencing psychotic symptoms. The text thoughtfully describes: the experience of psychosis, as well as the unique intervention method of fostering the therapeutic relationship; and the psychotic thought process
from neurological, linguistic, and existential-psychological perspectives. Mental health professionals, individuals with lived psychotic experiences, and their family members and loved ones will find this book to be a strong and accurate voice that highlights the past and present disappointments in mainstream public mental health treatment, while delivering hope in creating a secure, self-determined life.
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