Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases

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The revised and up-to-date third edition of Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases delivers a text that will enhance your clinical knowledge of the complex mechanisms, risks, and consequences of drug interactions associated with antimicrobials, infection, and inflammation. The third edition features five new chapters that cover material not addressed in previous editions. These new chapters describe interactions with a number of drug classes such as non-HIV antiviral, antimalarial, antiparasitic, antihelmintic, macrolide, azalide and ketolide agents. A novel chapter on probe cocktail studies has been included to highlight an important research tool for drug development. These chapters address material that cannot be retrieved easily in the medical literature. The highly acclaimed food-drug interactions as well as the study design and analysis chapters remain definitive references. The newly written drug-cytokine interaction highlights the need for our improved understanding of the complex interrelationship of acute infection, inflammation, and the risk of drug interactions.
Informative tables on specific drug-drug interactions are provided throughout the chapters as a quick clinical resource. The Third Edition of Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases is a distillation of relevant drug interactions associated with antimicrobials, infection, and inflammation. This concise review of the mechanisms and strategies to manage drug interactions should be valuable to all health care practitioners.
Features / Definitive reference source of up-to-date information on antimicrobial drug interactions / Informative tables on the degree of interaction for specific antimicrobial agents / In-depth discussion of mechanisms and potential mechanistic pathways of interaction / New chapters on non-HIV antiviral, antimalarial, antiparasitic, and macrolide, azalide and ketolide agents / New chapter on probe-cocktail studies as a research tool to study drug-drug interactions / Inclusion of new antimicrobial agents and their associated drug interactions / First rate chapters on study design and analysis, and drug-food interactions / A fresh perspective on drug-cytokine interactions / Authoritative chapter on regulatory considerations of drug interactions during drug development
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