Emergency Nursing 5-Tier Triage Protocols

Author: Grossman, Valerie Aarne

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  • ISBN: 9780826137883
  • Author: Grossman, Valerie Aarne
  • Publ Date: 2019-11-30
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 300
  • Imprint: SPRINGER PUB *#
  • Status: NSI
  • ID - 569211


This critical-thinking blueprint for the triage nurse delivers essential knowledge for accurate decision-making in emergency triage situations. Formatted to provide easily accessible and retrievable information, the manual facilitates rapid recognition and understanding of acuity levels and their application to patient care. The newly updated second edition reflects current health conditions and scenarios in EDs, urgent care centers, offices, and first aid centers, both domestic and international. It contains important new information on program development, training, and quality management along with useful tips and tools. Completely new protocols, additional case studies, and quality management guidelines and tools further add to the merit of the second edition.The resource addresses a wide range of both adult and pediatric conditions that are system-based and listed in alphabetical order. Each protocol has been developed to ensure accuracy and consistency, regardless of which 5-tier triage system is in use. Abundant case studies and multiple appendices provide additional information to support the protocols, broadening the nurse's scope of knowledge and prompting in-depth examination of potentially lethal conditions. Additionally, appendices contain valuable training materials for program development, training, and quality management tips and tools. New to the Second Edition: Updated protocols reflecting current health conditions/situations in EDs, urgent care centers, offices, and first aid centers Important new information on program development, training, and quality management tips and tools Additional material including mass casualty, exposure (biological, chemical, disease), military care, infections (isolation concerns), behavioral issues (violence), and narcotic overdose New case studies Developing a triage program Quality management guidelines and tools Key Features: Facilitates consistency in triage decisions among different nurses Uses health care resources appropriately and efficiently Sets minimum expectations for triage decisions Guides nurses in asking the right questions, determining how soon the patient must be seen, and interventions to consider Serves as a valuable reference for both new and experienced nurses Serves as a training tool in orientation


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