Murtagh's Cautionary Tales

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'Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.' OSCAR WILDE

What if a misdiagnosis could stop a wedding?
Could your patient with chronic fatigue actually have Addison disease?
Would you have recognised musculoskeletal pain as a manifestation of anxiety about penis size?

These scenarios and many others feature in this much anticipated collection of cautionary tales by the world-renowned authority on general practice, Professor John Murtagh. Learn and laugh as Professor Murtagh and colleagues recount their war stories from the front line. These tales remind us that sometimes things are not as they seem, and it always pays to remain alert to the subtleties of the human condition. In this third edition of Cautionary Tales, Professor Murtagh is joined by Dr Sara Bird, who provides authoritative commentary on relevant medico-legal advice and pitfalls, using the case histories as a platform.

After all, in the words of Professor Murtagh, 'To practise medicine is a privilege, to practise it well is a difficult challenge, but not to learn from one's mistakes is unforgivable'.
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