Memorizing Medicine: Second Edition

Author: Bentley, Paul (Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honora

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  • ISBN: 9781138332690
  • Author: Bentley, Paul (Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honora
  • Publ Date: 2019-12-11
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 516
  • Imprint: TAYLOR PUB *#
  • Status: N12
  • ID - 569188


This book takes a unique approach to 'learning medicine' in a manner that places primary emphasis on recall. Drawing upon well-established psychological principles, it uses a broad range of strategies to maximize the ability of the reader to recollect large swathes of information at a later date. The result is an original and refreshing book in which no two pages are quite alike, and where facts are presented in a hierarchical fashion so that essential features of each condition or symptom can be grasped immediately, while finer points are given in more detailed reading.


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