Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Carl Drago

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  • ISBN: 9780813828831
  • Author: Carl Drago
  • Publ Date: 2007-01-03
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages: 244
  • Imprint: BLACKWELL *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 10265


The Illustrated Guide to Periodontal Terminology offers an indispensable guide to the terminology, technical vocabulary, classic clinical cases and literature of periodontology. Perfect for the post-graduate student in periodontology, perio residents and those preparing for Board accreditation, The Illustrated Guide to Periodontal Terminology provides a concise, succinct and portable adjunct to traditional textbooks. The book enables readers to search the literature by cross-referencing terms to classic and modern sources and to review specific areas of the subject, easily guiding them through the mass of periodontology sources. Adherents of other specialties, as well as students of general dentistry and dental hygiene, will also find it a quick and easy way to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of the subject. The Illustrated Guide to Periodontal Terminology comprises fully referenced definitions of key perio terms, highlighting the classic literature and influential names associated with each part of periodontology. In addition, there are two further sections of references listed by author and literature cross-referenced to author and procedures. A thorough and scholarly tool to aid post-graduate specialisation in periodontology.


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