Dental Caries: The Disease and Its Clinical Management

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The second edition of Dental Caries: the Disease and its Clinical Management builds on the success of the prestigious first edition to present an unrivaled resource on cariology. The clinical thrust of the first edition is widened and strengthened to include coverage of the disease in all its variety, from eruption of the first primary tooth to the prevalent forms of the disease in older patients. The centrality of caries control and management to the dental health of all populations is further emphasized, as the book goes beyond the successful treatment of carious lesions to demonstrate the long-term consequences of the non-operative and therapeutic techniques employed. The second edition of Dental Caries has been extensively and thoroughly revised and contains a wealth of new material. The book is divided into seven parts, taking as a logical starting point the clinical manifestations of dental caries. It then proceeds to cover clinical caries epidemiology, dental caries in a biological context, non-operative therapy, operative intervention, caries control and prediction, and dentistry in the 21st century.
The second edition also expands into the field of public health, addressing the consequences of applying the available scientific evidence on dental caries to the practicalities of public health care planning. These aspects are dealt with both in low- and middle-income countries, as well as in high-income societies. If the modern concepts on dental caries as presented in this book are implemented in dental school curricula and in daily practice, they will have a dramatic effect on the organization and structure of the dental profession in the future. Therefore, it is essential reading for every dentist who wishes to be able to provide the best evidence- based dental care to patients and have an influence on the future development of modern dentistry. Dental Caries: the Disease and its Clinical Management brings together contributions from many scientific and clinical experts under the aegis of the editorial team, developing the core concepts of the book further in the direction of clinical research methodology, epidemiology, clinical cariology and microbiology.
The second edition provides the reader with a peerless guide to dental caries and a balanced, though often provoking, debate on the science of cariology and its place in modern dentistry.
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