My Thin Excuse: Understanding, Recognizing, and Overcoming Eating Disorders

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The diaries of most young women recount the ups and downs of friendships, school, crushes and first jobs. This real-life journal does all that with a twist that can be a lifesaver. Chronicling her life from ages fifteen to twenty-two, aspiring writer, Lisa Messinger, captured on paper the evolution of her eating disorder, from its development - before she even knew what it was - to its eventual treatment. Interspersed throughout this fascinating story, eating disorder expert Merle Cantor Goldberg provides insights into Lisa's struggle and ultimate victory. Set against the backdrop of the "perfect" middle-class family, Lisa's story tells of her need to excel in school, her boyfriends, her college life and her budding career on the sets of America's most popular television shows. But Lisa also describes her growing compulsion to record every calorie consumed, every measurement taken and every pound gained and lost, as her obsessive behaviour took control of her life. While Lisa's real-life journey offers a unique view into the subtle and seductive nature of an eating disorder, Ms.
Goldberg's invaluable additions help identify the causes and signs of the problem as well as the paths available towards recovery. MY THIN EXCUSE can make that important difference in the lives of all those who suffer from this dangerous disorder.
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