Kids with Courage

  • ISBN 9780915793396
These exciting true stories will inspire teens to believe in themselves and the ability of determined young people to make a difference in the world. As fun to read as fiction, the stories are engaging and accessible--a great way to encourage reluctant readers. "In Kids with Courage," readers meet 18 remarkable kids with the courage to speak out, fight back, come to the rescue, and stand up for their beliefs. - The student had a loaded gun and a room full of hostages. Police surrounded the school. Then Ruben Ortega got mad... - Norvell Smith knew there would be gang members in the audience. But she looked right at them and gave them a piece of her mind... - It was the middle of winter, and the woman had no shoes. Frank Daily looked down at his Nikes and made a decision... - The house was filled with smoke and flames. And Melinda Clark couldn't find her little brother... - Mr. Smith threatened to kill her mother and brother. But Mercedes Jones spoke out anyway--and a sexual abuser went to jail... - Andrew Holleman had practically grown up on the wetlands. He loved its plants, creatures, and gooey mud. Then he heard about the developer's plan... National award-winning author Barbara A. Lewis provides the inspiration to empower young people to make a difference in their communities and in the world.
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