The Essence of Nursing Practice: Philosophy and Perspective

  • ISBN 9780826194282
  • Author: Kim, Hesook Suzie
  • Publ Date: 2015-04-30
  • Edition:

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This one-of-a-kind book provides an in-depth analysis of nursing practice as a concept and area of study, rather than an aggregation of specific techniques and skills. The text addresses the essential features of nursing practice using a five-level nursing framework developed by the author. This framework promotes a deep understanding of how nursing should be holistically practiced rather than focusing on particular nursing competencies. The book stresses the importance of developing a multi-faceted, adaptable approach to nursing that integrates all of its complexities including philosophy, knowledge and knowing, and situational contingencies. Also addressed are the integral components of nursing practice, including essential tools, collaboration, knowledge application, competence, expertise, and quality of practice.

The book discusses and analyses the five levels of nursing practice--the nursing perspective, nursing knowledge for practice, the philosophy of nursing practice, the dimension of nursing practice, and the process of nursing practice-to provide a model for how nursing should be practiced in order to better serve patients and advance knowledge for practice. With its in-depth perspective and unique focus, the book draws from nursing knowledge, but also the fields of philosophy and social sciences. As such, it analyses the essential features and characteristics of nursing practice through a broader lens. The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography from nursing, philosophy, and social sciences literature. It is designed as both a text for graduate-level nursing students and as an authoritative reference for practicing nurses, educators, and researchers.

Key Features:

Presents a five-level analytical model of nursing practice developed by the author
Provides an in-depth examination of the essential features and dimensions of nursing practice using this analytical model
Addresses the essential tools of nursing practice, collaborative practice, knowledge application, and competence, expertise, and quality of practice
Includes a comprehensive bibliography relevant to the study of nursing practice from nursing, philosophy, and the social sciences
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