Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance: A Guide for Nurses

  • ISBN 9781511825443
  • Author: Haws, Jon
  • Publ Date: 2015-04-20
  • Edition:

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Diagrams + Detailed Explanations = NCLEX Crusher! Fluid, Electrolytes and Acid-Base balance can be one of the most complicated and involved topics for nursing students . . . I know it was for me while I was in nursing school. This ebook provides in depth detail designed specifically for nurses and nursing students. Stop wasting time and start crushing your nursing exams in areas of fluid and electrolyte balance and blood gas (ABG) interpretation. After Reading This Book You Will Be Able To: -Quickly identify blood gas values (ABGs) -Quickly assess fluid and electrolyte abnormalities in your patients -Identify IV fluids and state their uses and limitations -Discuss how fluids and electrolytes are transported in the body (osmosis, active transport, etc) -Outline physical, laboratory, and clinical assessment findings associated with abnormal electrolyte levels -Discuss basic Acid and Base (blood gas) abnormalities -Discuss third spacing and abnormal fluid movement -Kick the NCLEX to the curb! Detailed Chapters Over Important Topics This book is designed with nurses in mind and includes detailed information needed to conduct in depth assessments and interpret laboratory and clinical data to provide holistic patient care. Includes: Case studies, lab values, detailed outlines, clinical assessment findings, free downloads, and more! With this guide in hand you will no longer be confused about what osmosis is, or the osmolarity of different IV fluids. Includes a FREE DOWNLOAD of an IV Fluids chart that you can use as a quick reference on the clinical floor. Detailed clinical and laboratory assessment findings are outlined in the book to help you quickly identify electrolyte abnormalities in your patients. Includes NCLEX questions with detailed rationales entirely focused on Fluids and Electrolytes. From your trusted friends at NRSNG.com
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