Nursing Care of Children: Principles and Practice

Author: Susan Rowen James


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  • ISBN: 9781455703661
  • Author: Susan Rowen James
  • Publ Date: 2012-03-26
  • Edition: 4
  • Pages: 880
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 14062

Table of Contents :

UNIT I: INTRODUCTION TO CHILD HEALTH NURSING 1: Introduction to Nursing Care of Children UNIT II: GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: THE CHILD AND THE FAMILY 2: Family-Centered Nursing Care 3: Communicating with Children and Families 4: Health Promotion for the Developing Child 5: Health Promotion for the Infant 6: Health Promotion During Early Childhood 7: Health Promotion for the School Age Child 8: Health Promotion for the Adolescent UNIT III: SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS IN CARING FOR CHILDREN 9: Physical Assessment of Children 10: Emergency Care of the Child 11: The Ill Child in the Hospital and Other Care Settings 12: The Child With a Chronic Condition or Terminal Illness 13: Principles and Procedures for Nursing Care of Children 14: Medication Administration and Safety for Infants and Children 15: Pain Management for Children UNIT IV: CARING FOR CHILDREN WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS 16: The Child with a Fluid and Electrolyte Alteration 17: The Child with an Infectious Disease 18: The Child with an Immunologic Alteration 19: The Child With a Gastrointestinal Alteration 20: The Child With a Genitourinary Alteration 21: This Child with a Respiratory Alteration 22: The Child With a Cardiovascular Alteration 23: The Child With a Hematologic Alteration 24: The Child with Cancer 25: The Child with Major Alterations in Tissue Integrity 26: The Child With a Musculoskeletal Alteration 27: The Child With an Endocrine or Metabolic Alteration 28: The Child with an Neurologic Alteration 29: Problems in Children and Families 30: The Child With a Developmental Disability 31: The Child with a Sensory Alteration Glossary


"Nursing Care of Children: Principles and Practice" provides numerous student-friendly features to help you navigate through difficult concepts to gain understanding with ease. The text emphasizes a community focus while teaching growth and development and major body system alterations information needed by pediatric nurses.


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